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Wheelchair Lady, or sometimes referred to as the Granny, is a secondary antagonist in Stay Out of the House.


She appears to be a corpse in an electric wheelchair. She wears a long dress and shoes. She has grey hair. Her right forearm is missing. Very little is known about her besides her being the house resident, and the Night Shift Abductor's mother[1].


She is first encountered in the prologue. After Roxanne encounters her in the basement, the Night Shift Abductor ambushes Roxanne and knocks her unconscious. In the actual gameplay, the Wheelchair Lady can be found in the living room watching television. She will become active on the second night (If the player was caught by the killer for the first time). She can also become active if she spots the player in the living room on the first night. She will patrol the halls and rooms, and if she spots the player, she will scream out loud, bringing the attention of the Night Shift Abductor who will immediately run to the room she's in. If the player shoots her with a pistol, she will become inactive. Players can also kill her by stabbing her 5 times with a kitchen knife.


  • She was first added in version 0.7 but was given a larger role in 0.7.2 version of the game.
  • She is similar to Grandpa Sawyer from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) and old Eveline from Resident Evil 7 (2017).