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The Mutilator
Character Information
Known as The Meat Cleaver Mutilator
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Actor (possibly)
First appearance Meat Cleaver Mutilator
Status Deceased
Voice Actor Uncredited

The Meat Cleaver Mutilator, typically shortened to the Mutilator, is the killer and main antagonist in Meat Cleaver Mutilator.



The Mutilator is a very tall adult male of unspecified age. His attire consists of a brown wolf mask, a red jumpsuit, brown gloves and brown work boots. In his right hand, he wields a meat cleaver to slice and mutilate victims with.

When alerted, his eyes will light up bright red, forming beams that act like spotlights as he chases the player down. He will also vocalize in high-pitched whining, much like a dog or wolf would when stressed.


No background is provided for the Mutilator. He is a homicidal, self-styled butcher found wandering and possibly inhabiting an abandoned multi-story building in an unknown location. He behaves territorial and will aggressively hunt down those within his domain like prey.

A single note which can be found in the entire game holds information which might be vaguely related to the Mutilator's past in some way.

Lost cat on 3/8/81, black and white with beautiful green eyes, goes by the name "Cookie"!!! We are absolutely heartbroken, cash reward to anyone who brings him home!!!
Please call me if you find him or have seen him!!

The note

His latest and only known victim, Janet, briefly brings up the possibility that the Mutilator might be part of the audition she signed up for, with the entire event perhaps being nothing more than one elaborate film shooting. This is ultimately never disproven nor confirmed.

Meat Cleaver Mutilator[]

The Mutilator will start off in a certain location every time the game first starts up, from where on he will proceed to wander around the building in search for his prey. He will only deviate from his patrol routine if he detects Janet's presence, whether by making visual contact or becoming alerted by the sound of her running (The Mutilator has sensitive hearing when close by and will investigate the source of noise). Rarely, the Mutilator can hide in dark corners so that he may catch you by surprise, though the only spot he seems to hide in is located on the ground floor in the main store section.

In a scripted event, he will charge Janet from a corner as she reaches the exit door, but is killed by his would-be victim, putting a stop to the hunt.


  • The Mutilator's role is based off of the literary Big Bad Wolf character, as signified by his mask, large size and howling, specifically from the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, which the game was intended to retell.
    • It's not made clear whether the Mutilator is simply trying to terrify his victims by acting like a wild animal or if he is delusional and actually believes himself to be one.
  • The abandoned building was originally intended to be one section of the game, which was suppose to take place across the entire city. Much of the cut content was turned into Night Ripper, which ditches the Little Red Riding Hood theme all together. The Crack Den section is a streamlined version of Meat Cleaver Mutilator.
  • The Mutilator and Dr. Edward Sullivan are the only Puppet Combo villains to be canonically killed by the main protagonist.