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The Fireman is the killer and the main antagonist featured in an unreleased Puppet Combo game Burnt Alive and Night Watch.


The Fireman is about 6 feet (183 cm) tall, wearing a Fireman's Hat, Suit, and Gas Mask, with a Headlamp to top it all off. His main weapon of choice is A Fireman's Axe.

Gameplay at night watch[]

The Fireman seems to stalk the halls of the Hotel while trying to hunt down The Player, if the player is in his Line of Sight or spots you with his Headlamp he will proceed to give chase. While in a chase he will shriek and holler much like other Killers such as The Night Shift Abductor and The Driller Killer. The best way to get away from The Fireman is to take many sharp turns and get out of his Line of Sight as fast as possible.



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