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I thought I wanted that... To just go to sleep and let everything drift away. But now I do want to get out of here. I want another shot. Maybe...
Terrence to Sally about his near-death experience

Terrence is a playable character and the main protagonist of Day 7.


Terrence is a black adult male of unspecified height and weight. He has short-cropped black hair and wears a white dress shirt, black pants, and shoes.

On the seventh day in the Backrooms, Terrence dons a yellowish, corrugated mask and his clothes have become blood-splattered.


Terrence is an accountant, a job he admittedly doesn't enjoy. He's been working for the same company for 22 years, regularly pulling overtime shifts at the office to cover the bills, which has resulted in his wife Sam and their adult son to leave him due to his workaholic ways. He has attempted to change his habits to win them back, but has thus far been unsuccessful, continuing to stay at his desk doing papers well into the night. His son does occasionally come to visit, most recently setting up his VCR to record football games while his father is at work. His extended family, as seen in his dream sequence, include a mother, a brother named Malcolm and a cousin, who died during Terrence's childhood.

Day 7[]

Day 1[]

On Thursday, after another all-nighter at the office, Terrence finally prepares to sign off and bids the only other employee, a night watch security guard on in the entrance hall, good night after talking about missing the game again. On his way to the subway station, he is accosted by a deranged street preacher, who rambles about the end of the world, then encounters homeless man at the platform who asks for spare change. Inside the train, Terrence meets a young woman, who asks him if she's on the correct line, and the two have a chat about each others living situations before reaching his stop. As he goes for the exit, he unexpectedly falls through the staircase and finds himself in a large, mazelike expanse, known as the Backrooms.

Confused, Terrence first assumes he is having a stroke-induced hallucination before calling out for help, but with no one responding, he decides to look for a way out on his own. Still in disbelief, he tries rationalizing the situation, theorizing that he's been drugged by the woman on the train or the beggar, yet he still has his wallet on him, which leads him to conclude that he's been abducted to participate in a twisted game for the entertainment of some unseen person or group, and might be become "the hunted" in a human safari, à la The Most Dangerous Game. He finds traces dried blood as well as a mask-shaped protusion on a wall, which he surmises is being used to watch him when he notices a physical presence behind the eyeholes. Prying the mask off with a screwdriver, he looks deeply into the hole, finding the anonamously suspended, exanguinated body of a policeman at the back of the dark, metallic space, but is unable to crawl through the hole to check further.

Terrence then passes through a big hole in another wall, entering a less intact section where extremely loud thumping sounds are heard. He peeks through a crack in the wall to see the silhouette of a tall figure standing around before leaving to escape the disorienting noise. As he begins to think about the déjà-vu he's been having since inside the Backrooms, he finds a little girl, who refuses to talk to him until a nearby noise prompts her to warn him about a "bad man" coming their direction, before telling him she'll find him again, mentioning that she knows the exit, before running off. Terrence manages to shake off the entity chasing him, choosing to rest up in a secluded corner.

Terrence has a dream/flashback where he's at his cousin's funeral as a child. During the service, Malcolm convinces him to play hide and seek in the empty corridors and storage rooms of the funeral home. After a while, Terrence loses Malcolm during his turn of hiding and becoming afraid in the bleak identical spaces, tries finding his way back to the main hall, but he can't make out it back, instead continuosly running in circles. He is then attacked by a mysterious man, causing Terrence to wake up.

Day 2[]

Terrence, now entering the early stages of dehydration, prioritzes finding water. He finds a purse filled with coins nearby and uses them to make trails in order to track his pathway. After hearing what seems like splashing, he rushes to the origin of the noise, only to find it to be a bug infested wall producing water-like skittering sounds. He attempts to eat them for nutrition, but the beetles bite him, which heavily irritate his skin. Terrence enters another strange area, with a crudely drawn message indicating the exit to be located "north" of the rooms. He passes through multiple, differently colored, but equally abandoned areas with warehouse or mall themes, either filled with innane radio chatter or static, finding the source in one of them to be an electric organ, just like the one that was played at the funeral.

Terence then encounters the tall man, wearing a mask, and is forced to run away further "north". Terrence manages to escape the man, but collapses to the floor moments later from a mix of sensory overload and exhaustion. Luckily, he is found and rescued by a woman named Sally, who gives him some water and helps him back on his feet.

Day 3[]

The pair decides to team up after a quick introduction. Terrence finds out that Sally is a hiker from Utah and was camping with friends in the mountains when she fell during a trek and wound up here. Terrence shares his theory that they were kidnapped as part of a death game and starts to rant about the old man with the long fingernails, as well as the little girl, which perturbs Sally.

After navigating through another series of warped rooms, this time with numerous naked mannequins hanging from the ceiling, they reach a normal zone, which Terrence recognizes as his starting point. They decide to rest and while Sally sets up the tent, Terrence goes to find firewood. He finds a chair, the same type they used during the funeral service, but winds up elsewhere when he attempts to go back the way he came and runs into the little girl again. He tries to convince her to come with him for safety and to find a way out of the Backrooms, but she refuses to tell him and runs away, threatening to tell her daddy about him.

Terrence is able to make his way back with the chair and tells Sally what happened and that he can hear the little girl laughing from somewhere nearby, even though Sally can't hear anything. They set up the campfire and talk about how their disappearance must be affecting their friends and family, with Terrence musing that the one positive thing about this situation is that he doesn't have to go to work anymore, before falling asleep.

Day 4[]

Terrence wakes up to a gunshot and Sally gone. He goes to looking for her and finds a stranger devouring Sally's corpse in a frenzy, who then threatens to do the same to Terrence and flees. Terrence attempts to get away, but the stranger, armed with a pistol, finds him. He is able to lose the crazed man, then considers his options, remembering he still has the screwdriver in his pocket. As if fated, Terrence finds a mask on the ground, putting it on and begins searching for Sally's killer. Terrence finds the man with his back turned and jumps him, stabbing him in the eye.

Day 5[]

The next day, Terrence is sitting in the corner of a room, begging for food and water and slowly losing his mind. Unknown to him, the mysterious man is watching him from distance.

Day 6[]

A wall is seen being doused in blood, a puddle of the same liquid forming beneath it. Terrence has followed in the insane stranger's footsteps after going crazy and started to rely on cannibalism to survive.

Day 7 (Regular Ending)[]

Terrence is seen stalking a recent arrival, who is wandering aimlessly through a hallway. The woman shouts for help and her family, as a mask-clad Terrence approaches her from behind, clutching the screwdriver with murderous intent. The screen cuts to black, as her screaming is heard.

Alternate Ending (Day 2)[]

Terrence is caught and killed by the Mysterious Man. In a reference to Silent Hill 2, he appears in a blue room and enters a small control room, where he sees a cat on the operation desk. Realizing the cat was behind all of this, he drops to his knees and yells "DAMN YOU". The game ends.


  • "22 years here, for what?"
  • "Too many late nights at the office. [...] With my file cabinet and a pot of coffee."
  • "'It was nice to talk to you, take care.' Have I really become that pathetic? I couldn't even get her number? Well, she was half my age. It wouldn't be right. She could have been my daughter."
  • "Have you seen the old man? He's been stalking me since I've been here. He has long fingernails."
  • "There's more to this place than just this. Behind the walls is another section. It's different. It's metallic. It's like a backroom. If there's an exit to this place, that's where it is."
  • "I think it's the opposite. The center is holds this place together. The farther away you move, the more discombobulated it gets."


  • It is unknown why Terrence was so quick to turn to cannibalism, especially when taking into consideration that Sally mentioned having at least two days worth of food and drink in her backpack and that he had ate only a day before his breakdown. It's likely that Terrence was unable to relocate their camp or simply forgot this fact after being driven mad by the Backrooms.
  • Terrence has the most human kills of any non-killer protagonist (3+).