Susan is a supporting character in Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa.

Description Edit

Susan appears to be a caucasian woman of unspecified age, height, and weight. She has short brown hair and wears a brown uniform and gloves. She was a member of the Corporate Mining Transport, known as "Sidus".

Role Edit

While Beth, Earl, and David were tasked with finding mineral ores on the seemingly abandoned planet, Susan stayed on the ship and contacted the crew about their discoveries. Every time Beth found a mineral ore, Susan contacted her to tell her how many minerals are left, she also warned her about the upcoming storm at some point in the game. After Beth collected all four minerals, Susan contacted her in a panic and told her that something is on the ship, followed by distorted screams. Beth returned to the ship only to find crewmembers dead. She also found Susan heavily wounded lying on the floor. Before she died, she told Beth what happened and that the ship is badly damaged.

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