Stay Out of the House is a 2018 survival horror game developed by Puppet Combo. It received a short prelude called Night Shift. The game can be downloaded from Puppet Combo's Patreon page. The full game will be officially released on Steam this fall[1]


The game follows Roxanne who is on a long road trip with her driver Brendan. After Brendan stops the car for a bathroom break and doesn't return, Roxanne goes to investigate and stumbles across an old, seemingly abandoned house in the cornfield. She goes inside and gets knocked unconscious by the owner of the house. Soon she wakes up imprisoned inside of the house and has to escape and avoid being caught by the owner, who is hiding something horrifying underneath his house.

Gameplay (Version 0.7.3) Edit

The player is given 3 days (lives) to escape. The player wakes up in a cage and once escaped, the player has to get out of the house. The player has to use a pistol to scare the killer, giving the player more time or a lighter to give the player some visibility but the killer has a higher chance of spotting you. If the killer spots you, you have to immediately run and hide, take too long to hide and the killer will flip the table or bed so that you will lose that hiding spot. The player has a radar to spot the killer only when he is moving, if he is near the radar will make an alert sound. The player also has a sound meter, it indicates how loud are their sounds. The player has other items that needed to solve puzzles in order to progress. If the killer catches you, you will end up in a different place, each time it's different.1st time, he puts you in a room full of TVs, to escape the player have to remove door pins, once removed the door is opened leading to a staircase.2nd time, he puts you in a chair, to escape the player needs to click the left mouse button really fast to break out of the chair.3rd time, the screen turns black with only one word: sacrifice and the killer drags you into a red door leading to his secret and kills you.

Version History Edit

  • 0.7.3 (Recent)

Endings Edit

Endings will be revealed when Stay Out of the House full version is released on steam.

Characters Edit

Items Edit

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  • Revolver
  • Radar
  • Screwdriver
  • Lighter
  • Lock picks
  • Hammer
  • Body Parts
  • Sound Meter

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  • The game is openly inspired by Granny, a popular 2017 horror game.
    • Characters and the locations were heavily inspired by The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974). 
    • One of the endings is inspired by Hello neighbour. 

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