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Scary Tales Vol 1 is a retro horror anthology published by Puppet Combo that can be purchased from Puppet Combo's Itchio page[1].


After a late Friday night of partying, you wake up to a strange package at your door. Four mysterious tapes you don't remember ordering. Will you dare to watch them? Four of the scariest Puppet Combo shorts in one shocking anthology! They will rattle your body and haunt your dreams!

Story Mode[]

A man wakes up to a doorbell and finds a box at his doorstep. He opens it and finds 3 VHS tapes in it. Curious, he plays some of the tapes and from that point on, strange things start happening, such as all of his food in the refrigerator rots, flies swarm in the kitchen, and he gets a call from someone who tells him to check the microwave. Man opens the microwave and to his shock and horror, finds his dead cat inside. Suddenly, the power in his apartment goes off and he hears a loud sound in the bathroom. He goes to investigate and sees a large hole that has appeared in the wall. He goes in it and appears in the basement. He turns the fuse box on, restoring the power back on, and he also notices a room filled with cat carriers and a table with pliers and ripped out cat claws. He returns back to his apartment only to encounter 3 tall cat looking humanoids covered in flesh, he kills them all, only leaving their blood and guts behind. Police knock on his door but he is unable to open the doors. Sometime later, the man is taken into the police station and is questioned by the detective. He explains exactly what happened but the detective doesn't believe his story because of some things not adding up such as the hole magically appearing in the wall and the cat humanoids he slaughtered, the detective also thinks that he's responsible for animal cruelty based on what they found in the basement. After an argument, the man tells the detective that he will tell him the truth if he lets him see the last tape. Detective agrees and lets him watch the tape. Sometime later, man is seen sitting on the floor in the padded room. Somebody starts banging on the doors, and Billy appears, stares down at the man and laughs at him. The game ends.


Scary Tales Vol 1 includes these games:


  • 'Scary Tales Vol. 1' is heavily influenced by the 1993 film 'Scary Tales'.




Scary Tales Vol 1 - Retro Horror Anthology