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Sarah help me.png
Character Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Occupation Babysitter
Age 14
First appearance Babysitter Bloodbath
Status Alive

Sarah is the player character of Babysitter Bloodbath.

She's the girlfriend of Jack, whom she invites over the night she babysits Billy. The house is broken into by escaped mental patient Neokalus Burr, who murders Jack and relentlessly pursues Sarah. Sarah manages to gas up the car, gun Burr down with a revolver, and get herself and Billy out of the house safe and sound. 


Though Sarah's character does not have much development, she comes off as rude. From observing her dialog, she can be described as careless, impatient, and selfish. However, she does care about the well-being of Billy, when Neokalus Burr strikes.