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Santa's Helpers, also known as Elves, are enemies in Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa.


Elves are short humanoid creatures with pointed ears that wear a red suit, green shoes, green gloves, and a green hat. They are the inhabitants of the planet where the game takes place.

Years before the crew of the corporate mining ship Sidus landed on the planet, Elves were gentle and peaceful workers who helped Santa every year.

According to notes found in game, the Elves were scared when Santa started behaving strangely, and they were made to work overtime hours to exhaustion in Santa's factory. Santa eventually slaughtered the entire village of Elves.

Some Elves went to Santa's castle to get answers but they never returned. As a result of Santa's abuse and torture, they mutated into bloodthirsty creatures that use sharpened candy canes to puncture the flesh of the living.

In game[]

Elves are encountered patrolling the rooms of the toy factory. The first elf is encountered lying on the floor, seemingly dead. When Beth approaches the corpse, the elf rises up and laughs before charging at the player.

When elves encounter the player, they will charge at the player and attack with the sharpened candy cane when in range.

Elves can be killed with a ray blaster and will drop dead after taking a certain amount of damage.


  • In the original premise of the game, Elves were completely wiped out by Santa. Almost two years later when developer Puppet Combo started working on finishing the game, Elves were added as enemies along with Santa's Reindeer.