Sanitarium Massacre is a 2012 unreleased horror game developed by Puppet Combo


Neokalus Burr, a nortorious serial killer, is caught in a violent and deadly home invasion. Shot nearly to death by the police, he is locked away in a state hospital for the mentally ill. Tonight after 8 mute years staring at a wall, he escapes from his cell on a campaign of destruction and terror. It is almost as if he is possessed by a demon. You are that demon. Rip through the halls of the sanitarium committing shocking acts of violence. No one will be safe. You will kill them all in "SANITARIUM MASSACRE"


Sanitarium Massacre has the player controlling the deranged killer, specifically Neokalus Burr. The lore has Burr gunned down by police in a home invasion and locked up in a mental hospital for 8 solid years, before snapping and escaping to wreak havoc upon the staff with a butcher's knife.



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