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Nun Massacre

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About Puppet Combo

Puppet Combo is an independent game studio, owned and operated by Ben Cocuzza. It's the replacement title for Ben's previous alias, "Pig Farmer Games", and is a trademark of Vague Scenario (Ben's publishing alias, and current business entity). The games developed are commonly known for incorporating concepts of 1980s "shot-on-video" slasher films. Most games are similar in gameplay and design.

Latest Game
Screenshot 29.png

Christmas Massacre is a slasher horror game released on January 2021. You play as Larry and your Christmas Tree tells you to go stalk around the town to claim the "naughty" victims' lives.

Latest Game Published by Torture Star Video

Bloodwash is a giallo-inspired survival horror game with low-poly, PS1-style graphics. You play as a college student Sara who needs to clean her clothes for the job interview, but the washing machine in the basement is broken. Her helpful neighbor recommends her a 24-hour laundromat on the outskirts of town, but also warns her about a serial killer known as the "Womb Ripper" that's targeting pregnant women. Sara picks up her purse and goes there, unaware of the horrors that await her...

Latest Novelization

Nun Massacre YA Novel is an official 2021 novelization of the 2018 survival horror game. A group of students decide to make a trip to St. Cecelia’s Preparatory School where many years earlier all nuns and students were slaughtered. What seemed to be a peaceful night soon turned into a fight for survival as teens were forced to face the monster that was responsible for the original massacre. Who will survive?


Latest Physical release
Feed Me Billy CD-ROM

Feed me billy cd rom.png
"IT'S FEEDING TIME!" A flesh-eating hole has appeared in your closet. It’s YOUR job to feed it. No matter what the cost… Terrorize the town on your sick quest for meat in this deranged serial killer simulator.

  • Limited run. Only 200 copies made
  • Extra features on the disc, including the soundtrack
  • Includes the DEMAKE
  • 10 page manual
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