Power Drill Massacre, a remake of Minotaur, is a 2015 survival horror game developed by Puppet Combo. The game is available for download on Puppet Combo's patreon and Itchio pages.

Summary[edit | edit source]

In 1987, Megan and her boyfriend, Jeff, get in a devastating car crash. Megan soon seeks for help since Jeff is unable to move. Megan stumbles across a factory and decides she can ask for help there. She soon realizes she is trapped in the factory with a crazed killer wielding a power drill. Can Megan survive the drill killer?

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

After escaping a car crash, the player goes and looks for help with a flashlight from the trunk of the car. After looking around the area, you see a factory and decide to go inside. Once entered, the door behind you locks. The player is then forced to find a way out while avoiding the Driller Killer. Eventually you find a door that needs to be unlocked, and the door contains three color painted keyholes. The player can find these colored keys, or alternatively go through a maze called the Sugar Tunnel. Every time the player dies, the keys spawn in a different location. In some areas, there are articles the player can read; these articles talk about different missing victims (Doesn't affect gameplay, just cool to read).

Endings[edit | edit source]

Ending A (True Ending/Update Ending): After the player (Megan) gets the three color keys and unlocks the exit door, the player sees a girl running down a long, dark hallway. Once the hallway turns red, the girl stops and the killer attacks Megan. Running down the hallway, the player gets chased as the killer's screeches get louder and louder. The hallway will get brighter and slow down, until the screen turns white. A radio has audio of the killer screaming in frustration due to Megan successfully escaping. After that, the audio cuts to a news report saying that Megan and Jeff are both missing, after the radio you can hear screaming by an unknown person and you can see the moon and the mountains getting darker. After that, the game ends and closes itself.

Ending B (Bad Ending/Original Ending): Instead of the player getting the three color keys, the player can go down the maze called the Sugar Tunnel. In the maze, there are lots of flashing images and the player is stuck in the maze with the killer. At the end of the maze, the player has time to investigate what appears to be a lair. In the lair, there are human/dog cages, corpses, kids drawings, broken toilets and a piano. After investigating or running out of time, the player is caught by the killer. This time, the player is not killed, instead Megan is trapped in a cage. As Megan is crying, the killer went to check on Megan, causing Megan to scream. The killer attempts to communicate with Megan, however it seems that he is too far gone and mumbles only gibberish. He puts down a music box playing the ending music. After the music has stopped, the killer then runs toward Megan and kills her. The game ends with this text.



The game then ends and closes.

Theories[edit | edit source]

  • The scream in the end of ending A could be Megan screaming in agony from being tortured but since it is labeled as the good ending many think otherwise.

Reception[edit | edit source]

Power Drill Massacre received highly positive reviews. Many praise the 70's-80's grindhouse vibe mixed with the PS1 aesthetic, and the terrifying jumpscares of the killer suddenly running after the player. Because all encounters are random (including flashing images and cassette flickering), the tension built helps scare the player, once the killer actually appeared. However, the game had its faults; being criticized for the loud volume, overly sensitive camera, and outdated/difficult controls.

Bugs / Glitches[edit | edit source]

  • Sciophobia: If the player repeatedly begins a new game, or resumes after death, the player's shadow will no longer appear. (This does not affect gameplay.)
  • No Choice In The Matter: If the player repeatedly dies, the "RETRY" and "QUIT" buttons will no longer have a selection color, and remain red.
  • Wrong Channel: In random cases, the VHS effect will completely cover the screen, when in fixed-camera mode. (This is most likely a bug with the camera unable to detect the player's location.)
  • Flashlight Magic: If the player is to continuously move forward into a wall-like collision surface and turn their flashlight off and then on, the player will be able to walk (or run) through that surface. (This is because the player's collision mesh is widened so that the player's equipped arm does not go through a surface.)
  • Professional Mountaineer: If the player is to cheat with their flashlight past the bushes outside, the player can roam the mountains that cannot be entered, in normal gameplay. (Be careful, though. It is possible to get stuck.)
  • Everything Is Fine...: If the player is to cheat with their flashlight past the bushes outside and walk along the top left edge of the hill path, the ghost on the building's top railing will not appear.
  • (Kinda) Free To Leave: After first entering the factory, if the player is to cheat with their flashlight past the wall on their left, they will skip the cutscene of the door locking from outside. If the player is to return to the area near the door, the cutscene will play. (This does not affect gameplay.)
  • Free Roam: If the player is to cheat with their flashlight on the 2nd floor, the player can walk above the 1st floor. (The player will fall into the void if they attempt to walk (or run) off the map.)
  • Get To The Safe Room!: If the player is to cheat with their flashlight through the chain mesh on the bottom stairs, while being chased by the Killer, the Killer will continuously run into the chain mesh, in an attempt to reach the player. (The player can no longer leave the area without the risk of injury or death.)
  • Hot Lava: If the player is to cheat with their flashlight in front of a large prop (tables, refrigerators, machines, radios, lockers, etc.), while being chased by the Killer, the player will stand on top of that prop, and the Killer will continuously run into the prop the player is standing on. (The player can no longer leave the area without the risk of injury or death.)
  • Under Construction: If the player is to walk off the map from the 2nd floor near the sugar tunnel, they will land on the passageway downward, and the level will not load. On the edge of the passageway downward, the player will find more passageways to explore. (If the player is to walk up the downward passageway, the level will load.)
  • Finding Christine: If the player is to cheat with their flashlight in Ending A's hallway, and continuously walk through the walls, Christine's animation will not be triggered. Once near her, the player can walk around an idle Christine.
  • Playing Dead: If the player is to cheat with their flashlight in Ending A's hallway, and continuously walk through the walls, the player will not trigger the ending cutscene. If the player runs away from the Killer and reaches the end of the hallway, you will die. However, the "MURDERED" text, nor the "RETRY" and "QUIT" buttons will appear. Also, the player is capable of sliding across the floor, though they appear to be dead. The player may also still use their flashlight, and their arm will rotate.

Newspapers / Notes[edit | edit source]

These are messages from multiple newspapers and notes that can be found around the factory. (Typos Included as to not alter the original text)

COMMON[edit | edit source]

  • "The search continues for two missing campers in the Pocono Mountains. Mason C. Sargent and Laurie Summers of Long Island NY, have been missing since June 8th. Their campsite and belongings have been located but investigators have few leads. Police there are no visible signs of a struggle and this continues to be a rescue mission..."
  • "'POCONO VANISHINGS: NO TRACE OF MISSING CAMPERS.' April 4th 1985. Since 1978, twelve campers have disappeared over a 100 mile streach of the Pocono Mountains. ''We conduct dozens of rescue missions each year' says Park Ranger Charlie Plank. 'We conduct dozens of rescue missions each year' says Park Ranger Charlie Plank. 'People come up here to camp and hike all the time without any experience. Accidents happen.' While most rescues are successful these 12 have stumped park rangers and local police. 'Campfires left burning, boots and jackets left behind, radios still playing. It's like these people we're ripped away from their campsites. says Abe Bradley who was involved in the search for..."
  • "...shes my little girl. We just want her back.' Wilbur said in a tearful plea. According to the Wilburs, Christine was playing near the bushes towards the edge of the campsite. 'We called her for dinner and she just wasn't there anymore.' Police are looking at all possibilities. 'Wild cat attacks are pretty common in this area.' said Sargent Bailey but her parents think that she was abducted. 'There was no bear or a cat. We didn't hear any animals. Somebody grabbed her. Somebody took her from us.'

SECRET[edit | edit source]

  • 'My name is David Ashford. My address is 3656 Coburn Hollow Road Deer Creek, Massachusetts. I think I'm going to die here. I'm hiding this note in hopes somebody will uncover it and know the truth about what happened to us. Somebody came to our campsite in the middle of the night and...'
  • "BRADEN MILL TO CLOSE (August 15th, 1981) After a series of accidents, the Branden sawmill will be shut down later this month by state regulators who seek to lease the land to the state park commission. But some residents say the grounds are cursed, after decades of mishaps, fires, and deaths."
  • "The original building, The Sunshine Children's Orphanage was built but Russel Mort: the eccentric millionaire inventor who rose to fame during WWII and later committed suicide after allegations of child abuse inside the facility. Mort left no will and the property was forfeited to the state, which left it abandoned until a fire in 1975."
  • "What remained of the building was converted into the Brandon sawmill. Since opening, 7 workers have lost their lives do to what state officials call 'a pattern of nearly criminal negligence in an effort to cut costs.' Mill Managers on the other hand blame industrial sabotage for accidents caused by faulty equipment: mostly rope and harness failures.'Somebody made the cuts in those ropes.' said Manager Bob Gibb. 'Just enough so we wouldn't notice but enough so they would snap during use.' State inspectors have found no evidence of tampering."

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ben Cocuzza worked on the HD remake and the sequel of the Power Drill Massacre, but both projects were eventually cancelled.[1][2]
  • Ben Cocuzza instead made the arcade version of Power Drill Massacre, the project is complete.
  • The game is getting a VR version, it is currently in development.[3]
  • The Killer's appearance may be based on Michael Myers from the movie Halloween (1978).
  • There is a rumour that the sounds during the chase theme are from pigs getting killed in a slaughterhouse.
  • PDM was actually a remake of Puppet Combo's earlier game Minotaur, which he was porting from 3D GameStudio to Unity. At the time the game had been renamed to "MURDER HOUSE" but later on in development he changed it to "Power Drill Massacre".

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