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Character Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Skin Color White
Eye Color Crying Black
Occupation Hunt Mrs. McDonnell
Starting location Catholic Boarding School
First appearance Nun Massacre
Status Alive, Deceased (Good Ending)

The Nun is the titular killer of Nun Massacre. She is also in the novelization of the game.


She's a freakishly tall nun with her eyes gouged out, crying black down her cheeks, who haunts an abandoned old Catholic Boarding School and attempts butchering the player, Mrs. McDonnell, with a kitchen knife. When she spots Mrs. McDonnel, she lets out her horrifying screams as she attempts to catch and kill her.


The Nun most likely isn't real and is connected to Mrs. McDonnell's psyche. More specifically, she is a manifestation of Mrs. McDonnell's inner guilt and torment for what she allowed her daughter to go through. She might also represent her daughter Janie.



While the player is walking towards the boarding school, the Nun could be seen in the distance before vanishing. Inside the school the Nun patrols the halls and rooms. To avoid being spotted by her, the player has to stay out of her sight, hide under beds, avoid making noises, and avoid using light sources when she's around. If the player is spotted, the Nun will give the player a chase, forcing the player to run as far away from her or to hide under a bed. Also, the vents are not a safe place because the Nun can also navigate through them. If the Nun spots the player hiding under the bed, she will flip the bed over and attack, making the bed useless afterwards. If the player falls into the barbed wire pit, they will get stuck and won't be able to move, if the player waits long enough without looking around fast, the Nun will then appear, whispering, after a few seconds she will start stabbing the player, killing them. She is able to hide behind doors, getting too close to that door will make her bust through it and instantly start a chase.

Ending A (Alive-end)[]

In the good ending, Mrs. McDonnell finds herself in a room, along with the Nun who is trapped in a cage. McDonnell pours the cage with oil and sets it on fire, killing the Nun.

Ending B (Dead-end)[]

After navigating through the ventilation system, Mrs. McDonnell falls into a room and is unable to get out. Soon the the Nun appears and starts filling the room with her acidic vomit, killing Mrs. McDonnell.


  • If the players get close enough to Nun, a child whispering could be heard. This is also evident if the players fall into a barbed wire pit and get stuck.
  • The Nun's appearance was inspired by the demon Nun, Valak, from the 2018 horror film "The Nun"
  • The Nun's screams when chasing the player were believed to be from a 911 call training video due to the mistakes the operator makes, not a real murder as formerly believed. There has been no official police confirmation that this is "Ruth Price's" 911 call as well as the fact there is no evidence that Ruth Price ever existed. Watch this and make up a decision for yourself, don't claim it's fact though. It was later revealed by the game developers that they use a voice actor and "recreated" the screams.


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