Night Watch is a 2019 horror game developed by Puppet Combo. The game is available for download on Puppet Combo's Patreon[1].

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The game follows a park ranger named Jim who was assigned on watch duty on top of the tower in the middle of the park, where he specifically has to check for fires and guide any hikers who are in trouble or lost. On top of the tower, he checks for fires using the binoculars and checks the weather using the old portable computer. During his watch, somebody contacts him through the emergency radio transmitter. Jim tries to talk to the person but all he hears is heavy breathing. He assumes some kids are playing pranks on him so he brushes it off. The generator suddenly goes off and Jim goes downstairs to refuel it. After refueling the generator, he finds a computer disk and inserts it into his portable computer and it turns out to be a text-based game. After playing the game, Jim hears a knock on the door and goes to investigate but sees nobody. Later he receives a call from his wife Nicole and they have a chat before Jim's phone dies. Things start to get weird when the portable computer starts displaying encrypted messages and somebody throws a rock at the window. Jim also catches glimpses of someone on the balcony but upon investigating the person is nowhere to be seen.

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Jim goes downstairs to check the shack. As he leaves the shack, he is attacked by a man in a firefighter suit. Jim wakes up in his bed and realizes it was just a dream and that he dozed off.

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Jim smells smoke and goes to investigate and to his shock, sees that somebody has set the tower on fire. Since he can't go downstairs, fire reaches him. Jim suddenly wakes up in his bed and realizes it was just a dream.

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After seeing the fire, Jim takes the rifle and smashes the window, with nowhere else to go, he jumps from the tower and wakes up in his bed.

Jim gets out of his bed and checks if everything is alright, and he notices that his rifle missing. He also receives a warning from his computer about the flood. He returns back to his duties and is later contacted by a group of campers through the radio transmitter who tell him that they think they're being watched and that they heard somebody making pig noises, they also tell him their location. Jim gets off the tower and heads towards their campsite. On his way, he stumbles across lost camping equipment, and he finds an abandoned shack. He goes inside and finds a pentagram on the wall with a goat skull. He reaches the campsite but nobody is there. He checks each tent and finds blood splattered inside one tent. He further explores the area and hears a child crying for help. He goes into the woods looking for the child where he is suddenly ambushed and attacked by the Driller Killer. Jim wakes up in the killer's lair all tied up and naked. The killer then shows up, watches Jim for a while, and mumbles gibberish before butchering him. A biblical reference is displayed afterword:

"And God shall wipe all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be more pain: for the former things are passed away."- Revelation 21:04
The screen switches to the nighttime view of the park and someone is heard groaning, screaming, and crying aloud.

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  • The soundtrack was composed by MXXN.
  • Man in a firefighter suit that appears in one of the different outcomes is a character from canceled Puppet Combo game Burnt Alive.
  • The date on Jim's computer when he receives a warning about the flood says June 18th, 1978. The events of the Power Drill Massacre take place in 1987. This means that Night Watch is, in fact, a prequel to the Power Drill Massacre.
    • Night Watch might be considered the start of The Driller Killer's legacy. In the Power Drill Massacre, one of the newspapers says that 12 Campers have disappeared since 1978 within The Pocono Mountains.
  • The game was originally inspired by Just Before Dawn (1981) and was going to take place in the cabin in the woods. The setting was changed to the tower[2][3].

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