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Neokalus Burr
Character Information
Known as The Boogeyman
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin Color White
Eye Color Black
Occupation Psychiatric inmate
Factory worker (Novel, formerly)
Cannibal (Novel)
Family Annihilator (Novel)
Starting location Monroe, Washington
Age 38
Residency Lincoln State Hospital (formerly)
Status Alive
Voice Actor Anthony Aroya

We have received reports that a mental patient has escaped from Lincoln State hospital. He is considered extremely dangerous, I repeat, do not try and approach any suspicious persons but rather alert your local authorities immediately. The mental patient is Neokalus Burr, he is 38, approximately 6'4", 240 pounds, armed and dangerous. Catching Burr is a top priority. Please contact the Sheriff's Department if you have any information about his current whereabouts. God bless, and stay safe.
Radio Announcer warning the community about Burr

Neokalus Burr is the main antagonist in Babysitter Bloodbath, the game's novelization of the same name, and the intended player character of the cancelled Sanitarium Massacre and A Monster With Eyes Of Ice. He is an expy of Michael Myers, the villain of the slasher horror franchise Halloween.



Neokalus is a towering hulk of a man in a red boiler suit, black gloves, wears an undersized pink clown mask, and uses a kitchen knife to kill people. According to radio transmission, he's 38 years old, approximately 6'4" (193 cm) tall, and weighs 240 lbs (108 kg).


Neokalus Burr was a serial home invader, with a long rap sheet of hot-prowl burglary and an uncharacteristic violence against occupants, as well as an extensive record for mental illness, dating back as early as age 16. Declared criminally insane, he was locked away in a sanitarium for a permanent stay.

Sanitarium Massacre[]

In the unfinished Sanitarium Massacre, the lore has Burr gunned down by police following a break-in and leads to him being institutionalized for life. Afer 8 solid years spent in a near-catatonic state, his inner demon resurfaces, causing him to snap, escape his cell and wreak havoc upon the staff with his trusty handy-dandy soulmate-ish butcher's knife.

A Monster With Eyes Of Ice[]

Another unreleased game, A Monster With Eyes Of Ice, is a direct sequel to Sanitartium Massacre, in which Burr terrorizes the local neighbourhood shortly after leaving the asylum, breaking into homes and slaughtering their residents.

Though not offically recognized, it is very possible that these game serve as prequels to Babysitter Bloodbath, and that Burr preyed upon Sarah just hours after finishing up the massacre at the hospital and possibly while in the midst of a killing spree targeting the surrounding area.

Babysitter Bloodbath[]

Don't lie. Don't lie. The game is up. The demons drag my legs to hell, while you sit in your ivory tower. Don't you judge me. I see all.
The call

Burr, described as a disturbed patient from a Monroe mental asylum for the last 22 years[1], is reported over radio as a recent escapee of Lincoln State Hospital, with local residents being urged to stay inside and keep a lookout for suspicious individuals matching his decription. Meanwhile, Burr immediately begins stalking the nearby suburbs, eventually setting his focus on the Johnson house. Inside, local teenager Sarah is babysitting Billy, the son of the household, for the night while his parents are out. Shortly before his arrival, a cryptic phone call reaches the landline, apparently made by Burr to announce his coming.

After putting Billy to sleep, Sarah decides to invite over Jack, a boy she had met at the mall, to keep her company and watch a movie. As she goes to help herself to a beer in the kitchen, she hears Burr staking out the home from the backyard and sends Jack to check out the noise, who, although reluctant, steps outside into the darkness, an ear-piercing scream following suit. Alerted by this, Sarah goes after him, finding Jack stabbed to death and skewered to the fence with a screwdriver. Burr then reveals himself and lumbers towards her, knife in hand, following Sarah as she flees back into the house. From there, Burr wanders the rooms looking for her, while she attempts to get the Johnsons' car in working order. Burr ambushes Sarah in the garage as she tries to use the car and the two engage in a face-off. His rampage is put to a halt when Sarah manages to take him down with multiple revolver shots and axe swings, allowing her to escape to the police station with Billy. Sarah is praised for her heroism by Lt. Breaker, before being informed that by the time the authorities arrived, Burr's body was nowhere to be found, meaning she will have to be put under surveillance at the hospital for her safety.

Babysitter Bloodbath: The Book[]

The 2020 novelization of Babysitter Bloodbath takes numerous creative liberties in fleshing out the story. Amongst these changes, several details contradicting the game's canon background for Burr arise.

  • "Neokalus Burr" is renamed to "Neoklaus Burr".
  • Before 1960, 22 years prior to the novel's plot, Burr was a married blue-collar worker with kids, living in River Park, in the very same subruban home the Johnsons now reside in. This retcons his stated age of 38 by the events of Babysitter Bloodbath, as he would have been 16 at the time, too young to have a school-aged child and below the age of marriage in the state of Washington.
  • Burr was noted by neither his family nor authorities to have previous signs of mental abnormality.
  • Burr's first murder is a familicide, slashing the throat of his wife Pamela and stabbing his young daughter Ginny to death, before cannibalizing his infant son Tommy.
  • Burr is interned at Monroe State Hospital.
  • In 1982, Burr is knowingly released by a nurse named Trixie, who had mistakenly believed that Burr could be rehabilitated like other violent offenders. He kills her with his bare hands, slaughters several more orderlies and responding guards, then lights the head office ablaze before escaping.
  • Burr reigns free for a whole day instead of a single night and committs over half a dozen murders over the course of 24 hours prior to invading the Johnson residence.
    • Burr beats morning jogger Aaron Parsons to death with his flashlight.
    • He then breaks into the Hugo home, where he remains until late afternoon, killing Anthony and Erica Hugo, their unnamed son and Erica's sister Catherine.
    • Burr maims and kills neighbourhood watchman Vernon Brown.
    • Burr committs vehicular homicide by running over a two-man news crew, Chip Winston and his unnamed cameraman.
  • The clown mask he wears is the one his daughter wore before he murdered her, explaining its ill-fitting proportions.
  • Burr is given a reason for specifically choosing the Johnsons' house: He wanted to get the murder weapon back into his possession to relive the moment he killed his family for sadistic thrill.
  • Jack is mutilated far more extensively, having been bisected by the waist, his insides sloshing from both halves.
  • Jill, Sarah's friend only heard over the phone in-gamr, is also amongst his victims, stabbed to death in the Johnson bedroom.


  • Unknown amount killed during burglaries and asylum breakout
  • Jack


  • Neokalus' model is near identical to the Driller Killer, with minor changes.
    • The unnamed drill-wielding killer in Minotaur uses his model. It's unclear whether this killer is Neokalus, the Driller Killer or someone else entirely, as the model was used as a place holder.
  • The obscene caller was voiced by Anthony Aroya.[2]
  • Lincoln State Hospital is the name of a real-life mental institution, located in Nebraska.[3]