Margaret is one of the main protagonists in The Glass Staircase.

Appearance Edit

Margaret appears to be a young black girl of unspecified age, with brown eyes and short afro hair. Much like any other servant girl in the game, she wears a white dress and had to do her assigned chore across an empty manor. Unlike other girls who couldn't wait for their turn, Margaret seemed suspicious of the assigned chores that she was soon going to undertake.

In game Edit

At the start of the game, Margaret could be seen standing near her bed and being suspicious of the assigned chores. After Helen, Betty, and Dorothy all go missing, the player takes control of Margaret. She arms herself with a rifle and searches through the manor. Underneath the secret underground base, she finds naked Dorothy and tries to talk to her, but the naked girl attacks Margaret with a knife. With no other choice, Margaret kills the insane Dorothy with a rifle. Margaret eventually learns that the servant girls were actually used as test subjects for Doctor Edward Sullivan's experiments. After entering a large experimental/electrical room, a monster jumps from above and attacks Margaret but she manages to kill it. After killing the monster, Margaret activates the pylons that overheat and explode, setting the whole place on fire. Margaret heads back towards the manor and encounters other hostile test subjects. She makes it to the manor, believing everything is over. Suddenly, a monster, having survived the fight and the explosion bursts through the doors and charges at Margaret. After an intense fight, Margaret blows its head off, killing it once and for all. As a sign of relief, Margaret drops her rifle and walks outside the manor where she is greeted by a man in black who asks her if she is ready to go. Margaret says yes and enters the car. As they drive off, Helen, Betty, and Dorothy are seen standing on the balcony, waving goodbye to their friend.

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