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Larry's tree is the deuteragonist in Christmas massacre.


Its a regular tree decorated with Christmas lights. It has 2 large eyeballs and a large mouth. It resides in Larry's home and works with Larry by telling him to kill the "naughty" people. It gives Larry tips on new ways to kill. The tree is a bloodthirsty psychopath that encourages Larry to kill people. But at the end, it is selfish and doesn't care about protecting Larry from the F.B.I.


The Tree most likely isn't real and is linked to Larry's psyche. More specifically, it's a manifestation of Larry's desire to kill and to punish others. At one point in the game when Larry returned home, Tree told him that it caught a teenager, when in reality it was most likely Larry, who captured the teen and locked him in the basement and he imagined the tree telling him that. Also, as evident on the new years eve, after Larry returned from the invasion, his home was dark and empty and the tree was nowhere to be seen, and Larry started hallucinating and having nightmares. It's goofy appearance might also be linked to Larry's delusional childlike mind.


On December 25th, 1959 after Nun tells Larry that he's not allowed to the Christmas party and sends him to bed, Tree could be heard telling Larry that there's a knife in the kitchen and instructs him to get it.

The tree first physically appears on December 23rd, 1979. It tells Larry to kill the "naughty" people in town. After Larry returns home after his first home invasion, the tree tells him that his work is not finished, telling him to kill again. When he comes back, it tells him that it kidnapped a teenager and locked him in the other room, telling Larry to finish the teenager off. When he finishes the job, he kills again on Christmas day. Fast forward to 6 days later, it tells him that he can throw his knife. After Larry returns from his invasion and goes to bed, Tree approaches him and tells Larry that it needs to tell him something, but he must first return to his old school and burn the whole place down. When Larry returns home, he is ambushed and arrested by police, and is told by the tree that it had no choice but to cooperate with them and that it didn't want to go to jail.


On tutorial Tree will guide Larry and show him how to sneak around and kill people without being caught. At the end of the tutorial Tree will congratulate Larry and will tell him that he is fully trained and ready to kill.


"There's a knife in the kitchen Larry."

"Listen Larry, I was thinking, A lot of people have been naughty this year. I need you to go out and kill, You must kill. Kill kill kill kill kill. And keep on killing Larry. Punish everybody who has been naughty."

"Good job Larry, but you know your work is never done. More must die."

"Good job Larry. I caught a teenager while you were gone. I locked him in the other room. You have to kill him Larry. Kill."

"Good job Larry. Listen Larry, you can kill by throwing your knife. Just aim and press the space bar. You have to kill Larry. Kill them all. Kill kill kill."

"I can't sleep, Larry. I need to tell you something Larry. But first, you must kill. Go back to where everything started and kill. Burn down the school."

"Sorry Larry, I had to cooperate with the FBI. They knew too much. And I didn't want to go to jail."


  • Its appearance is very similar to Douglas Fir the talking tree.
  • While its name is not mentioned in the game, Puppet Combo when asked said that he calls it Gino[1].
  • In Texas Butcher (2017) there is a similar character named Doggy, which also resides in Larry's home, encourages him to kill people, and gives him tips. Doggy also briefly appears in Blood Maniac.
    • Some of Doggy's voice lines were reused for the Tree.