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Not to be confused with the Wheelchair Lady from Stay Out of the House.

Larry's Mother (Just called "Mother" in-game) is a supporting character in Larry The Butcher.

Larry The Butcher/Texas Butcher[]

Larry's Mothers first appearance is in “Larry The Butcher”, an alpha version of Blood Maniac. But it has more close ties to Texas Butcher. She is heard upon starting a new game yelling and hitting Larry. Whilst the dialogue is being said the sounds of a baby crying and the mother's frequent smacks can be heard. “Why didn’t you feed the dog, Larry? Max is hungry. Why didn't you feed him, Larry? What's wrong with you, what is wrong with you! What's the matter, Larry? What's wrong with you? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! *Unintelligible grunts* WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! (The crying and hitting stops) Mother has a big date tonight Larry. Are you excited? I'm going to be out all night. Aunt Claire is coming over to watch you. Be good Larry and your mother will give you a special treat.”

She is next heard from and seen after Chapter 1 when Doggy tells Larry that she's waiting for him in her room. Upon entering she starts telling him about how he needs to get a wife. "Oh good, you're finally here Larry. Listen, Larry, it's time for you to find a girl. Don't look at me like that. You're getting married and that's the end of it. Your such a handsome young man, you gotta make some girl very lucky. But Larry listens, no floozies. No son of mine is gonna marry a loose girl. She better be a Catholic and a virgin! Now go find her Larry, and let me watch my programs.” This is one of only two times you actually see her. She appears to be a long-dead corpse, with an exposed skull. She also still has hair which is most likely a wig*. It is entirely unknown how she died, or if this is even Larry's real mother.

Her last appearance is a bizarre scene. Her skull and hair* are attached to a naked female mannequin body. She walks into Larry’s room, and as the camera slowly pans down from head to foot subtitles pop up. ‘I was waiting for you, Larry. In my room. All night. You want me, Larry? You never came Larry.’ The scene then ends and goes back to normal gameplay.

Blood Maniac[]

Larry's Mother is not referenced in Blood Maniac.


  • She is based on Grandpa Sawyer from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974).
  • She is based off of Norman Bates' Mother from Psycho (1960).