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Larry is the killer and the main "protagonist" in Blood Maniac, Texas Butcher and Christmas Massacre.


Blood Maniac[]

Larry is a mental patient who escapes from the mental hospital and starts slaughtering everyone in town. He is a fat and very tall man of unspecified age. At the start of the game, he wears pajamas, socks, and uses a shank to kill people. Later throughout the game, you can find outfits around the map.

  1. Baby Outfit
  2. Miner Outfit
  3. Santa Outfit
  4. Clown Outfit

Christmas Massacre[]

Larry at the start of the game wears Santa mask and only his white underpants. Throughout most of the game, he wears a Santa costume and uses a kitchen knife to kill people.

After Larry is told by the nun that he cannot attend the Christmas Party, he sneaks down into the kitchen where he takes the kitchen knife and starts killing everyone, first starting with the nun. 20 years later, on December 23rd 1979, he was told by his tree to kill naughty people. He does so over the course of 5 days. On new years day after killing bunch of people and burning the school, he is ambushed by the police in his home, and to his shock is told by his tree that it had no choice but to cooperate with the FBI.


  • The Baby outfit featured in Blood Maniac was the main killer costume in Texas Butcher.
  • According to Puppet Combo, Larry is his favorite character[1].