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The killers are homicidal murderers and recurring enemies that play a crucial role in Puppet Combo games, with the only exceptions of some games like Spiders, The Glass Staircase, and Samhain. Popular 70-80s horror film slashers (e.g: Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees) are the main inspirations for Puppet Combo's killers. Throughout the games, most killers serve as major threats in which they will pursue the protagonists and attempt to kill them, while a bit of few others take roles as general "protagonists" whom the player plays as.

Neokalus Burr[]

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Neokalus Burr is the main antagonist of Babysitter Bloodbath. He is a mentally ill criminal who escaped from the asylum and invades Sarah's house, where he will hunt her down and attempt to murder.

Driller Killer[]

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The Driller Killer (real name unknown) is the main antagonist of Power Drill Massacre and a minor antagonist of Night Watch. He is a tall masked killer with a 3-year-old child's mind, and uses his deadly driller to slaughter his victims.

He originally appeared in the game's early incarnation Minotaur.

The Mutilator[]

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The Mutilator (real name unknown) is a crazed, dog-masked killer and the main antagonist of Meat Cleaver Mutilator.

Night Ripper[]

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The Night Ripper (real name unknown) is the titular main antagonist of the game of the same name. Only at nighttime, this duck-masked killer proceeds to chase and kill anyone whoever appear in his sight by stabbing their eyes with his pocket dagger.


Main article: Santa

Santa is the main antagonist of all three story parts of Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa. He is a corrupted Santa Claus who was suborned into a blood-lusting murderer by some mysterious force, driving him to slaughter the whole elf village.


Main article: Nun

The Nun (real name Janie mc.donnell) is the main antagonist of Nun Massacre where she haunts an abandoned Catholic school.


Main article: Billy

Billy is the main anti-hero "protagonist" of Feed Me Billy and the upcoming Feed Me More Billy.

He also appeared in Evil Clowns as one of the several enemies.


Man article: Larry

Larry is a killer and the main "protagonist" and a playable character in Blood Maniac, Christmas massacre, and Texas Butcher.

The Riverside Ripper[]

Main article: Unidentified Suspect

The Unidentified Suspect (real name unknown) is an unseen antagonist of The Riverside Incident, responsible for many killings, abducting, and setting houses on fire.

Night Shift Abductor[]

Main article: Night Shift Abductor

Night Shift Abductor (real name unknown) is the main antagonist of Night Shift and Stay Out of the House.

Easter Ripper[]

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The Easter Ripper (real name Tom Smith) is the main antagonist of Murder House.