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Samurai jack.png
Character Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin Color White
Eye Color Brown
Occupation Student
High school football player (Novel)
Starting location Washington
Age 15
First appearance Babysitter Bloodbath
Status Deceased

Hey, come on. Lighten up. It's Friday night.
Jack after startling Sarah

Jack is a supporting character in Babysitter Bloodbath and its novelization of the same name.



Jack is a teenage boy around Sarah's age. He has short brown hair, a 5 o'clock shadow and wears a dark blue-white checkered shirt with jeans and black shoes. 


Jack met Sarah at a mall, with the two exchanged phone numbers before Sarah left for her babysitting job. Sarah's dialogue at their second meeting suggest that she may have harbored an unrequited crush on him.

Babysitter Bloodbath[]

Jack is first mentioned in a phone call between Sarah and her friend Jill, who suggests she call him over for the night. After Sarah retrieves the boy's number from Billy's thieving hands, she invites him over to get drunk with the parents' unguarded stash of alcohol. Not one to turn down an offer like that after his outing on the town "tipping cows and smashing mailboxes", he accepts her proposal. The ring of the doorbell notifies Sarah of his arrival a few minutes later, but she finds no one on the porch when she opens up. Jack reveals himself by jumping out of the bushes, scaring her half to death. Though first riled up by this, the two go inside to watch Night of the Living Dead and drink beer together on the couch.

While Jack enjoys the movie, Sarah is somewhat underwhelmed in her expectations of the night and excuses herself to get another drink from the fridge when Jack completely glosses over her talking. When Sarah returns, she claims to have heard something behind the house and urges him to go and check. Unconcerned, but reluctant to leave the side of the TV, Sarah has to push Jack into go investigating and further pressures him when he voices worry over venturing into the darkness of the backyard. Only seconds after going outside, he lets out a drawn-out cry, prompting Sarah to go in after Jack. She finds him gutted and hung to the fence with a screwdriver. Pulling the tool out of his body, Jack's corpse flops to the ground and his killer, Neokalus Burr, emerges.

Following her escape from Burr, Lt. Breaker offers his condolences to Sarah, saying that he's "sorry about [her] boyfriend".

Babysitter Bloodbath: The Book[]

Jack is largely unaltered in role and appearance in the novel, although some more details and minor contradictions are mentioned in it:

  • Jack is described as being a quarterback for the Bulls, the football team of Sarah's school. Sarah is confirmed to have an interest in him, buying him a music album in advent of his coming birthday and getting his phone number in return. In-game, seeing as Jack was simply called "that guy from the mall" by Jill, it was implied that he had largely been a stranger to either beforehand.
  • Instead of a checkered shirt, Jack wore a High School letterman jacket, both at the mall and at the Johnson house.
  • Jack mentions having an uncle, who is a police officer for the local county. He had told his family of the massacre at the asylum earlier that day and warned them to keep Jack from going outside at night.
  • Jack jumps Sarah from behind a corner of the house, rather than from the bushes on the lawn.
  • Jack is characterized more extensively, though still very limited, coming off as less stoic than seen in the game. He is generally more open with her, not at all socially tone-deaf and portrayed as friendly, laidback and forthcoming, seen when Sarah guilt trips him into checking out the noise, despite feeling uneasy about going out there unarmed, instead of outright ordering him to do it.
  • Jack's body is far more mutilated, having been cut in half by the midsection, with just his upper torso attached to the fence. When Sarah removes the screwdriver, his body falls face-first into his spilled-out guts.