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Isabel Salazar is the main antagonist in the game The Enigma of Salazar House.

Isabel Salazar after the ritual.

She lived in the Salazar Mansion with her husband, Jaime, his grandmother, his brother, their dog and her little baby, named Javier. According to the ending "He is Gone Forever", Javier died as a baby; and one night, Isabel had a dream where she talked with the "Devil". It said to her that she could bring her son back, if she completed a ritual written on the pages of the Black Book in the library. In the blind desire to bring her son back to life, she offered the whole family, including herself, to bring Javier back.

After the ritual, Isabel became a soul that patrols the mansion; holding a candle and a knife, she attacks Elisa whenever she encounters her.


  • In the ending "You Got What You Wanted", Elisa changes bodies with Isabel. She become live and conscious, thanking Elisa for her sacrifice in order to give her what she wanted. She walks through the hallway, seeing the souls of her family members; she feels guilty and apologises with everyone, but still thinking that she will make everything right once she has Javier back. At the ritual symbol, she finds Javier in the arms of a shadow figure, it claims they met long ago - it's the "Devil" of Isabel's dream; and he came to get his part in the deal, taking Javier forever.
  • In the ending "A New Life", Isabel's soul is offered in the ritual. When Javier is alive once again, Elisa finds a note with the baby, simply written "Take care of him" - probably written by Isabel.


  • According to the game's creator, Ignacio Maldonato, after inserting Isabel's AI in the game, she started to appear at unexpected parts of the game; like it has been possessed by her.