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Tom Smith a.k.a. the "Easter Ripper"
Character Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin Color White
Eye Color Black (as the Easter Ripper)
Hazel (unmasked)
Occupation Serial killer
Mall entertainer
Operating Areas Monroe, Michigan
Age 30+
First appearance Murder House
Status Deceased (original)
Unknown (Extended ending)
Voice Actor Devante' Johnson
Relatives Anthony Smith - brother

You can't kill me... I'm the EASTER RIPPER!
The Easter Ripper, following his "revival"

Tom Smith, better known as the Easter Ripper, is the main antagonist in Murder House. He is also in the novelization.



The Easter Ripper, real name Tom Smith, appears to be a Caucasian adult male of unspecified age, height, and weight. He has short brown hair and wears a purple sweater with several colorful patterns on it, blue jeans with a black leather belt, and brown shoes. During his murderous rampage, he wears a worn-out purple Easter bunny suit with a yellow ribbon. His weapon of choice is a large sickle. His mask has traces of dried blood stains around the mouth from several murders, as well as completely blackened eyes.

He seems to possess inhuman strength and durability as he was able to withstand gunshots and lift humans with one arm and kill them by hugging and squeezing them as seen in some death cutscenes.


Not much is revealed about Tom's early life. What is known is that Tom grew up together with his brother Anthony in a large house in the backcountry of Michigan, near the city of Monroe. Tom refers to himself as a "Mama's boy" in one of his lines, implying an overly deep or strained relationship with his mother, not too dissimilar from the Night Shift Abductor or Larry.

In March of 1979, Tom took a seasonal position as an Easter Bunny at a Monroe mall. Taking advantage of his proximity to the younger visitors, donning the costume, he would abduct pre-pubescent children, some as young as toddlers, each Easter and taking them to his childhood home, where he would imprison them inside a secret basement section for several weeks, continually abusing them for sadistic and pedophilic gratification. This included starvation, exposure to the elements, bondage, rape, S&M play, medieval torture, and cruel practical jokes, such as hiding sharp objects inside their limited food rations, which consisted solely out of chocolate eggs, laced with tranquillizers to render the kids easier to deal with. Once he's had enough of them, he would release the children into his greenhouse and force them on a deadly egg hunt, during which he stalked and ultimately murdered them, later burying the bodies beneath the building.

Sometime in late April, 1983, one of Tom's would-be victims, Randy Martinez, escaped and exposed him to the authorities, but instead of him being arrested, Anthony, the legal owner of the house, made a false confession to save his brother's life. Anthony was found guilty of eleven counts of child murder and after spending two years on death row, executed by the electric chair.

Initially, Tom heeded Anthony's sacrifice and refrained from killing during both following Easter Seasons, although maintaining his job at the local city mall. By 1985, however, he found himself unable to keep his murderous urges in check, Anthony's wrongful execution presumably being the trigger. The Easter Ripper reawakened, he started back where he left off and continued kidnapping children at the mall.

Murder House[]

One night during the same year's Easter, the Easter Ripper discovered 8-year old Justin strolling around the plaza, with who he had a picture taken just a few hours earlier. When the boy reaches the secluded staff-only area, he gives chase, eventually seizing Justin for grisly intentions.

In 1988, he returned to his former residence, now known to locals as the "Murder House" and generally thought to be abandoned, to find Jerry, a real estate agent, on his property, who had shortly before made a deal with a local news crew to shoot a haunted house story about the legend. Provided with the perfect opportunity, Tom murdered the agent and later joined the TV crew, masquerading as a cameraman. During their stay, he locked down the entire house and destroyed the news van to prevent the team from escaping before slaughtering them one by one as revenge for attempting to further defile Anthony's name. He killed all the crew in horrendous ways:

Dana - Tom sneaks up behind her while she is fleeing and dismembers her hand then decapitates her.

Gary - Cut in half and disemboweled by Tom, later strung up on a chain link.

Tom (fake-out) - pretends to be attacked.

Tom had his last to-be victim, Emma, participate in his notorious egg hunt, stalking her around the house while she collected Easter eggs from dead bodies, which were embossed with Tarot card images, thematically referencing the demise and negative qualities of their "holders".

End and demise[]

After Emma collects all 4 Easter eggs and escapes into the greenhouse, The Easter Ripper appears before her and reveals the truth to her: he was Tom, the cameraman. He reveals that he killed the news crew to avenge his brother Anthony, who took his place as the killer and was executed instead, before attacking her. Emma manages to defeat him by shooting him multiple times with a single-barreled shotgun. When Emma goes for the door, Tom reappears, heavily bleeding, declaring that he cannot be killed, but before he can descend upon Emma, the ground starts shaking and all of his murder victims start rising from the dirt and ashes. While Emma runs and manages to escape, the same can not be said for Tom. The children swarm him, shoving him to the floor before tearing him apart and devouring him. As Emma escapes, a bright light appears in the greenhouse before the game ends.

Reveal (Extended ending)[]

After Emma escapes from the greenhouse, the director says cut, revealing all this to be a part of the film. The actor that played Tom, Devante', could be seen inside the greenhouse with zombie kid actors. If Sarah, Emma's actress, talks to him, Devante' will say how he can't wait to take off the suit he's been wearing. He later appears inside the house where others are partying. When asked by Sarah, Gary's actor, Dan, denies that the filming site was the location of a string of actual murders, waving it off as simply a rumor. As Sarah drives home, the camera slowly moves to the trunk of the car, revealing the unmoving, bloodied Easter Ripper stowed away inside.


  • "Looks like we're here."
  • "Don't ask me, I'm just the camera guy."
  • "Wow, this is a cool house."
  • "Great timing. I'm going to use the restroom."
  • "It looks like we're stuck here. All the doors are locked. Look, I found a key, but can't figure out what it opens."
  • "That's right, it was quiet innocent Tom. Harmless walk all over him Tom. Mama's boy Tom. Well, I did it! I killed them all!"
  • "To avenge my brother. Anthony wasn't the Easter Ripper, I was! He turned himself in to save me. I thought I could control the urge to kill but its back, and now I'm going to kill you!"
  • "No, get away from me. You can't do this. I killed you!"



The Easter Ripper can be seen in the distance, peeking behind corners or over ledges before disappearing. He then actively appears at the end of the corridor and charges at Justin, forcing him to retreat into the bathroom. If he captures Justin, a cutscene will play of the Easter Ripper grabbing the kid and dragging him away, ending the prologue prematurely. If Justin hides in one of the bathroom stalls in time, Easter Ripper will enter and check three random stalls before leaving. After Justin alerts Janitor Jack in the staff room and is locked inside the office by the latter, the lights will go out. During this time, the Ripper kills the custodian while he's looking for a phone, takes his keys, unlocks the break room and captures Justin.


Just like before, the Easter Ripper will appear momentarily in the hallways when Emma exits rooms or enters another area, moving off-screen in the blink of an eye. Shortly after blocking all the exits and killing the other crew members, he begins his hunt, wandering the house looking for Emma. If he spots her, he will chase after her and attack with his large sickle. He can be avoided by running away or fought back against with the fire poker and the gun. After taking a certain amount of damage, the Easter Ripper will run away and come back after a certain amount of time. Emma is able to hide in wardrobes and under tables. If the Easter Ripper spots the player hiding, he will pull them out. If Emma is hit too many times, one of three cutscenes will play of the killer brutally slaughtering Emma:

  1. Emma tries to run away, but the Easter Ripper bear-hugs her with all of his strength, crushing her ribs and killing her instantly.
  2. Easter Ripper slashes Emma's face with the sickle. Emma drops on the floor covering her face, thrashing and rolling around in agony.
  3. Easter Ripper grabs Emma by the neck, lifts her up and starts smashing her head against the ground.


  • At least eleven children
    • Mildred Armstrong (Kidnapped March 30th, 1981)
    • Helen (Kidnapped April 14th, 1982)
    • Molly (Kidnapped April 14th, 1982)
    • Gracie (Kidnapped sometime during Easter Season, 1983)
  • Randy Martínez (kidnapped April 20th, 1983, survived)
  • Daniel Gray (Kidnapped April 6th, 1985)
  • Janitor Jack (presumably)
  • Justin
  • Jerry
  • Dana
  • Gary


  • The in-game model of Easter Ripper was created by Fleshsqueeze, who also created other character models for Puppet Combo's games.
  • There are a few hints in the game that point to Tom being the Easter Ripper before the reveal.
    1. Tom is the only one who is not unsettled by the house's decrepitude and sinister atmosphere, only making note of it when prompted.
    2. He disappears shortly before some pivotal points, such as the destruction of the van and the power outage. Emma even catches him off-guard in the basement prior to the latter, near to where the fuse box is located, claiming that he was going to look for an exit in the cellar of all places.
    3. Finally, while three of the eggs where stuffed into the corpses of his victims, the fourth one is found in a piano near where Tom was supposedly killed on video, with no trace of his body or any blood to be found in the room, a notable change in the Easter Ripper's typical M.O.
  • Tom appears to be largely based on serial killers John Wayne Gacy and H. H. Holmes. Like Gacy, Smith was a pedophile with interest in both sexes, buried the bodies of his victims on his property and moonlighted as a children's entertainer on the side. Both Holmes and Smith owned a multi-story human habitation buildings with secret mechanisms and hidden spaces in the rooms, as well as intricate torture chambers beneath them, killing their victims in said structure through various means. The title "Murder House" likely takes inspiration from Holmes' "Murder Hotel".
  • One victim's notes mentions that shouting and crying belonging to grown-ups could be regularly heard through the walls, describing them as "really sad". The child theorizes that the Easter Ripper had adult captives as well. Another possibilty is that they might have been Tom and Anthony's voices, indicating that the Smith brothers argued a lot, conceivably over the former's crimes. It remains unknown to what extent Anthony was aware of Tom's activities prior to Randy's escape.
  • He is the only confirmed child predator out of all Puppet Combo villains.
  • He and the Night Ripper are the only known killers with a confirmed survivor that isn't the protagonist.
  • Tom's cameraman model is noticeably shorter than his Easter Ripper one.
  • It's not clarified whether Tom only recently joined the Channel 9 News crew by pretending to be freelance cameraman or if this had actually been his actual primary occupation outside of his mall job,
  • He is one of the killers with unspecified links to the CFV, as he owns a CFV labeled cassette.
  • In the beta version of the game, the Easter Ripper had a different bunny suit[1].
    • He also wielded an axe instead of a sickle.
    • Additionally, a beta promo shot shows the Easter Ripper posing with a girl using Christine Wilbur's model.
  • In the alternate ending, Tom is shown to have been played by an in-universe version of Devante' Johnson. The original portrayer, Nick, is said to have disappeared without notice, but the final scene, in which Sarah drives home, a person wearing the blood splattered Easter Ripper costume is seen motionless in the trunk of her car. This either implies that the killer was real and most likely Nick, now hiding away to ambush her later, or that Sarah had murdered Nick and was going to dump his still dressed-up body away from the filming location.
    • Humorously, Devante', who is African American in real life, appears as Caucasian, since he also physically portrays Tom.


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