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Dorothy is one of the protagonists in The Glass Staircase.

Description Edit

Dorothy appears to be a young white girl of unspecified age, with blue eyes and clean shaved head. Much like any other servant girl in the manor, she wore a white dress and boots, and she had to do her assigned chores. Underneath the manor when Margaret found her, she had no clothes and wielded a knife.

In game Edit

At the start of the game, Dorothy could be seen standing near her bed, waiting for her turn. After Betty disappears, the estate over intercom informs Dorothy to take her pill and to follow further instructions across the manor. After navigating through the manor, a chandelier falls on Dorothy and traps her. An unseen monster is then seen slowly approaching Dorothy. The screen fades to white as Dorothy's screams are heard. Underneath the manor, Margaret finds a naked Dorothy in the mortuary and tries to talk to her. Dorothy turns around and attacks Margaret with a knife. With no other choice, Margaret shoots the insane Dorothy with a rifle and kills her. In the end, Dorothy, along with Betty and Helen could be seen standing on the balcony waving goodbye to Margaret.

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