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Catholic Boarding School

The Catholic Boarding school is where the Nun Massacre and Christmas Massacre take place.


It is a large Catholic school located on top of the hill. In the novelization of the game, the place is called St. Cecelia’s Preparatory School.

Nun Massacre[]

According to many notes, somewhere in the 50's Mrs. McDonnell sent her daughter Janie to the catholic school where she was treated badly by the nuns and other students. The abuse resulted in Janie taking her own life. Many years later, Mrs. McDonnell returned to the seemingly abandoned school to reconcile with her daughter's death. While there, she was haunted by the nun.

Nun Massacre YA Novel[]

In the novelization, at some point a massacre happened at the school where students and the staff were slaughtered. Many years later, a group of high school seniors decided to make a trip to the school where they planned to have one last party. What seemed to be a peaceful night soon turned into a fight for survival as teens were forced to face the monster that was responsible for the original massacre.

Christmas Massacre[]

On December 25th 1959, while students were celebrating Christmas in the lobby, Larry snuck into the kitchen, grabbed a kitchen knife, attacked the nun and started slaughtering everyone. 20 years later on new years day, adult Larry returned to the school and started burning it down with a flamethrower.


  • Christmas Massacre shares the same asset of the school with Nun Massacre.