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Bloodwash is a 2020 horror game developed by Jordan King and published by Torture Star Video. The full game is available on Steam[1] and on Itch.io page[2].



BLOOD WASH is a giallo-inspired survival horror game with low-poly, PS1-style graphics.

Sara is a pregnant college student living with her alcoholic boyfriend in a run-down apartment complex. To make matters worse, a serial killer targeting pregnant women, mainly called the Womb Ripper, is terrorizing the city. One night, the washing machine in the basement breaks down and Sara doesn't have a chance to clean her clothes for an upcoming meeting. A helpful neighbor tells Sara about a 24-hour laundromat on the outskirts of town. But he warns her that its pretty scary and a bad time to be out during the night. What she finds at the laundromat might claim her life and her baby!



The game begins with a college student named Sara picking up her dirty clothes in her apartment and going downstairs to wash her laundry for an upcoming meeting. To her surprise, the washer is broken and doesn't have a chance to clean her dirty clothes. While returning back to her apartment, she runs into her neighbor Stan and they both have a chat. He starts talking about the problems with her child and her boyfriend. After the baby conversation calmed down, he then recommends her a laundromat outside of the city that is open 24/7, but also tells her that it's not a good idea to go out that late because of the maniac running around. Now known as the "Womb Ripper". Sara thanks him and returns to her apartment, grabs her purse and goes to the bus stop. On the bus, she encounters a creepy guy. She turns out to see the window that its pitch black outside. When she turns back, she sees a creepy man who asks her if he can sit next to her, which she finds odd considering there's nobody else on the bus besides them two. The conversation quickly turns more unsettling when he starts telling her that she and the child she is carrying are going to die, much to her shock at how he knows that she is pregnant. To her luck, she doesn't have to listen to him anymore as the bus arrives at her stop and she quickly gets off the bus and walks towards the laundromat.


Sara enters the laundromat, gets spare change, and puts her dirty laundry into the washing machine. To pass time she browses the laundromat, reads comics, and watches TV. Sara walks outside and checks each store and talks with the employees. Sara finds an old photo of a couple and asks people about them and finds out about an old laundromat that was destroyed in fire and that people in the photo are Louis Kennedy and Samantha Rhodes. Samantha lost her life in the accident, some say that she went missing and some speculate that she may have been locked in her office. Sara returns to the laundromat and things start getting weird when a phone rings, Sara answers it and hears somebody screaming. She finds an unseen creepy person behind the bathroom stall and mannequins appear out of nowhere but she brushes it all off. After some time Sara goes to pick up her laundry from the dryer only to find her clothes are still wet. She goes to the front desk to complain but doesn't find anybody. She enters the office and to her shock she finds the corpse of the worker. However, before this, she witnesses the murder of “Patron”, committed by the Womb Ripper. She calls 911 but before she can finish the sentence, the call cuts off. Too scared, Sara decides to stay in the office.

Arrival of the Officer[]

20 minutes later, a police officer Burton arrives at the laundromat but is unable to enter because it's locked. He further explores the area and enters the income tax department after hearing screams and cries coming from there. While exploring the place he stumbles across what appears to be a naked person holding a bloody fetus. The person then disappears and the whole place goes dark. Officer further explores the place and finds a worker, but before he can help, worker is killed by the killer. Officer retreats and enters the vents. While crawling through the vents, spikes suddenly start piercing through the vents. Officer manages to get to the end but the killer appears and kills him.

Survival and conclusion[]

Sara gathers her courage and gets out of the office and witnesses the killer murdering a patron. Unable to get out, Sara explores the place looking for exit and finds a secret door that leads to the old laundromat. Sara enters the desolate place and explores it. While exploring, she reaches part of the place with lots of candles lying around, and lots corpses and ripped faces. After reading a letter that was left by one victim, Sara cuts open the corpse and retrieves a key that she uses to unlock a door. To her surprise, she also finds the corpse of Louis Kennedy. Sara finds a gun and goes after the Womb Ripper. The two brawl and after a long fight, Womb Ripper drops dead on the floor. It is revealed that the killer is actually Samantha, who survived the fire but suffered burns and lost her child after Louis locked her in her office. She eventually snapped, killed Louis, and went on a murder spree, killing pregnant women. Credits start rolling.


Sometime later in the morgue, an autopsy is being performed on Samantha's corpse. A power suddenly goes out and the man named Doug goes to restore the power. After restoring the power back on, Doug returns and to his shock finds Samantha's corpse gone. Before he leaves the place, Samantha appears and kills him. The game ends.


  • Music was composed by MXXN.
  • In the early versions, the game was originally titled "Scream Bloody Murder"[3].
  • The Womb Ripper was originally called "The Eviscerator"[4].
  • The pizza guy was voiced by a youtuber Yub[5].





BLOODWASH Trailer - Retro Laundry Terror