Bloodwash is a 2020 horror game developed by Jordan King and published by TortureStar Video. Playable teaser can be downloaded from Puppet Combo's patreon.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Can Sara survive a late night trip to the Laundromat or will the Womb Ripper cut her into tiny bits???

Gameplay (Teaser)[edit | edit source]

The game starts with a college student named Sara picking up her dirty clothes and going downstairs to wash her laundry. To her surprise, the washer is broken. While returning back to her apartment she runs into her neighbor Stan and they both have a chat. He recommends her a laundromat outside the city that is open 24/7, but also tells her that it's not a good idea to go out that late because of the "Womb killer". Sara thanks him and returns to her apartment, grabs her purse, and goes to the bus stop. On the bus, she encounters a creepy guy who kindly asks her if he can sit near her, which she finds odd considering there's nobody else on the bus beside her and him. The conversation quickly turns more unsettling when he starts telling her that she and the child she is carrying are going to die, much to her shock at how he knew that she is pregnant. To her luck she doesn't have to listen him anymore as the bus arrives at the place and she quickly gets off the bus. The teaser ends here.

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