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Blood Maniac is a 2019 open-world, slasher horror game developed by Puppet Combo. Game can be downloaded from Puppet Combo's patreon page.


You play as a mental patient named Larry who escapes from the mental hospital and terrorizes the town. Avoid getting caught, and slaughter everyone.


The strategy mostly consists of hiding, sneaking behind NPCs and killing them. If the player has been spotted, NPC will try to run away and timer of 5-10 seconds will appear. If the NPC manages runs away when the timer hits 0, it's game over. Throughout the game, players can drive the van around the snowy town avoiding police and can enter houses where they can find and kill NPCs. By killing, players earn score points, with high scores players can unlock new weapons and costumes.


  • The game was originally called the Christmas Massacre.
    • It was originally scheduled for release before 2019, however, the developer got busy with other projects and was unable to finish it before 2019, so he changed the name and the setting of the game.
    • There is an early version of this game in 2016 called Texas Butcher where the game pass in Texas instead of a Thanksgiving Eve.
  • Blood Maniac may also be based on the 1984 horror slasher movie, Silent Night, Deadly Night, at the grocery store part.
  • Since the game is set the night before Thanksgiving and has the story of an escaped mental patient going on a rampage, it is very similar to the underrated slasher film, Home Sweet Home (1981)
  • The miner outfit that Larry can wear is a reference to the 1981 slasher, My Bloody Valentine.
  • Puppet Combo personally said that he liked this game and "Feed Me Billy" out of all his other games.