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Billy is the killer and main "protagonist" in Feed Me Billy, Feed Me More Billy, and Feed Me Billy demake. He also appears in Evil Clowns, and Scary Tales Vol 1.


Feed Me Billy[]

Billy appears to be an adult male of unspecified age, race, height, and weight. He wears a blue boiler suit, shoes, gloves, a clown mask with a hat and he uses a pistol to kill people. He lives in a small house and drives a pick-up truck. According to the plot synopsis of the game, at some point in his life, a large man-eating hole appeared in his closet, forcing him to go on a quest around the town at night to kill people and feed them to the hole. He also appears to be a member of CFV.

Evil Clowns[]

Billy appears on each level and like other clowns, he wanders the halls in search of the player. If he spots the player, he will stand still and start shooting the player with his pistol. He takes 20% off player's health. Billy can be killed with weapons. There is more than one Billy in the game.

Scary Tales Vol 1[]

In the story mode Billy appears at the very end where he pops up in the padded room and laughs at the man.