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Billy final.png
Character Information
Known as Ray
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin Color White
Occupation Cultist
First appearance Feed Me Billy
Status Alive

Rejoice, child. Rejoice in the knowledge of your conviction. You have completed our series. You are now of the enlightened children. Learn it in the way of your Father's vision. As you know, your goals are divine and your methods are pure. You have received an additional parcel with the final volume of our series. I would ask you now to open it and observe it's contents. You now have your goal. Join us, as we create our perfect world. Begin creating your Father's vision.
An unknown caller briefing Billy on his mission

Billy is the playable killer and villain protagonist in Feed Me Billy, Feed Me More Billy and Feed Me Billy demake. He also appears in Evil Clowns, and Scary Tales Vol 1.



Billy appears to be a tall Caucasian adult male with brown hair and is of unspecified age, height, and weight. He wears a navy blue boiler suit, a clown mask with a red hair and dark-colored hat, black gloves and brown shoes. He wields a Bulldog revolver in his left hand to kill people.


Very little is known about Billy's background. What is known is that at some point, he had made contact with a religious organization known as CFV and was only recently accepted into their midst after becoming "enlightened" with the completion of their "series".


Feed Me Billy[]

Billy is shown living in a small, dilapitated home in the countryside and wakes up to a call on his satellite phone. Picking it up, a voice, apparently belonging to a senior member of CFV, congratulates him on passing initiation and informs him of a package should have reached his address, telling him to use its contents to "begin creating [his] Father's vision".

Ostensibly as part of his new role in CFV, he is tasked to become the caretaker of a large man-eating hole that has suddenly appeared in his closet, which forces him to embark on a quest around town in search for suitable fodder for the Hole. Before he leaves in his pick-up truck, Billy goes to the table with the already opened parcel and equips the items he has laid out on the table: a flashlight, a clown mask and a loaded gun.

While cruising a rural road, he sets his sights on a woman using a payphone by a gas station. Billy parks nearby and shoots her dead, then loads the body on the cargo bed and tosses it into the Hole, satiating it for the time being,

The next day, Billy awakens to find a seemingly threatening message underneath his door, whose author claims to know what he does at night and is aware of his deeds. Nonetheless, he ventures out to hunt once more, this time in a forest and murders three people camping to appease the Hole.

On the third night, Billy hears the Hole acting up again in hunger, but before he can do anything, he is rushed and shot in the face by a man identical to him. His phone ringing rouse Billy from his nightmare, but this time, a voice unsettingly repeats the words "You need more victims" in a low, eerie tone before cutting off. He has also received another note, which says that Billy "won't get away with it". This time, Billy breaks into a house and murders the couple inside. After feeding their corpses to the Hole, apparently pleased, it expels a goat made out of flesh, abruptly ending the game.

Feed Me More Billy[]

In the sequel, Billy appears to have moved and lives in an equally crammed, but much more furnished, farm house, around 5-10 minutes away from a night club. At the start of the game, Billy arrives at the night club (unmasked) and pays off the bouncer to let him in. On the dance floor, he gets rejected by almost all of the partygoers, except for one, either a man named Rusty or a woman named Jean (player determined). This person will find Billy "cute" and is charmed by him, offering to talk if Billy buys them a drink. Billy will give a false name and can tell the person a series of half-truths or outright lies about his life, after which he invites them back to his house with the promise of cocaine. At his house, he gives the person what seems to be laced cocaine, which the person immediately notices after ingesting it. Freaking out, the victim makes a run for it, but passes out before reaching the hallway. Offscreen, Billy takes their clothes off and hangs them on a meat hook inside a cold storage room. Billy then douses them in gasoline, and "cooks" them with a flamethrower, all while they are still conscious. The burned corpse is then taken and fed to the Hole.

Evil Clowns[]

Billy appears on each level and like other clowns, he wanders the halls in search of the player. If he spots Jean, he will stand still and start shooting her with his pistol. He takes 20% off the player's health. Billy can be killed with weapons. There is more than one Billy in the game.

Scary Tales Vol 1[]

In the story mode, after completing all four tapes, the main character finds himself in a padded room following his arrest, presumably for possession of the snuff films and extensive animal cruelty. Looking around, Billy will spontaeously appear in the cell with the man and laugh at him.


  • I'm sorry I had to. (Day 1)
  • Maybe he has a family? (Day 2)
  • Is this the right thing to do? (Day 2)
  • It's too late to be upset about it. (Day 2)
  • Oh well. (Day 3)
  • Do you think I care? (Day 3)


  • Six unnamed victims
  • Rusty/Jean (determinant)
  • Jean (non-canon)


  • Billy appears to be largely based on real-life serial killer David "Son of Sam" Berkowitz. Both used 44. calibre revolvers as their signature murder weapons, had a body count of six (three men and three women) and, though only claimed by Berkowitz and later recanted, committed their killings for a dark cult, of which they are supposedly not the only operatives of.
  • His mask resembles Bongo the Clown from Nun Massacre.
  • Billy seems to have a bizarre interest in the softcore Totally Nude Aerobics, which is seen being played on constant loop at his house in both Feed Me Billy and Feed Me More Billy.
  • The demake's perspective briefly shows Billy without his mask, revealing he has brown hair.
  • The ending appears to be an off-color pun on his name, as "Billy" is also a term for a male goat.
  • Flavor text in the first game show Billy's thoughts when examining dead victims, which start out surprisingly ashamed and almost empathethic, making Billy the only killer who ever shows any semblance to remorse or guilt for his crimes, though these feelings subside as he becomes more desensitized while he continues his spree.
  • Billy's left-handedness might be in reference to the esoteric belief which associates a dominant left hand with evil, such as Satan and black magic.
  • Feed Me More Billy is not set in California, Texas, Michigan, Washington or Ohio, as these can all be chosen when giving Billy's false home state.
    • Also to note is that if Billy claims to be a stock broker with Jean, he can suggest investing in Microsoft, a company she has never heard of. Microsoft had its IPO on March 13th, 1986, meaning the game takes place no earlier than early 1986.
  • Despite wearing full body gear, his exposed arm can be seen when using the revolver.
    • Additionally, despite all his appearances showing Billy using his left hand to hold the weapon, he is seen gripping the gun with his right hand in first person.
  • A popular theory by fans is that Billy is an adult Billy Johnson from Babysitter Bloodbath, who had grown up disturbed from the trauma following his encounter with Neokalus Burr. Some aspects, such as their shared names and the similar outfit to Burr, are often brought up, but the uncertain settings of both games' (late 70's/early 80's for Babysitter Bloodbath and mid-late 80's for Feed Me Billy) make it difficult to pin down whether this would even be possible from a chronological standpoint.